Frequently Asked Questions - Apprenticeship

What is apprenticeship training?

  • Often referred to as the "original four-year degree", apprenticeship is a system of supervised training leading to certification in a trade, occupation or craft. It combines on-the-job training with classroom-related instruction. There are currently 100 registered programs in Nevada with over 3,000 registered apprentices.

Who regulates apprenticeship?

  • The Nevada State Apprenticeship Council is charged with the responsibility of regulating apprenticeship in Nevada. The Council meets quarterly to approve new apprenticeship standards, approve revisions of standards, investigate complaints, hold appeal hearings, and adopt regulations as may be necessary to carry out the intent and purpose of Chapters 610 of NRS and NAC.

Who is eligible for apprenticeship programs?

  • All of the programs have different requirements for applicants. The basic requirements are that an applicant be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma or its equivalent before being accepted into a program, or receive a high school diploma or its equivalent within one year after being indentured as an apprentice or upon completion of a school-to-work program or a welfare-to-work program.

How are apprenticeship opportunities announced?

  • Individual apprenticeship committees accept applications for their own programs. They advertise that they are accepting applications through local newspapers, local schools, community-based organizations and the Labor Commissioner's Office bulletin board.

How long does it take to get accepted into a program?

  • The waiting period, from the date an application is filed to placement into an apprentice program, varies from industry to industry. The apprenticeship committee reviews applications to make sure the applicants meet the minimum qualifications for the program. If an applicant is qualified, the application is ranked by test scores, an interview, an evaluation of past experience and education or a random drawing. The applicant is placed on a list of eligible applicants. The program uses this list to fill vacancies, as they become available. Some committees allow direct entry into the program.

What occupations are available?

  • There are over 800 apprenticeable occupations registered with the U.S. Dept. of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship. For more information, see a list of Registered Apprenticeship Programs.

Who registers the apprentices?

  • All applications are processed through the individual programs. These individual programs also indenture the apprentice after following the selection method that has been approved by the State Apprenticeship Council. The indenture is then forwarded to the Nevada State Apprenticeship Council's staff for processing.

How much pay does an apprentice receive?

  • Salaries vary from industry to industry. The average starting wage of an apprentice is about 40% of a journey worker's rate of pay. Programs are required to progressively increase the apprentices wages provided the on-the-job training and school performance is satisfactory and in accordance with the apprenticeship committee.

How long are the apprenticeship programs?

  • Programs last from 1 to 5 years, depending on the program requirements.

Are apprentices required to attend school?

  • Yes. Apprentices must attend related classroom training instruction along with on-the-job training experience. Nevada's minimum requirement for related instruction is 144 hours per year. Programs are required to meet that minimum, but most exceed the 144 hours.

Can I receive college credit for attending related training classes?

  • There are some programs that are linked with the community colleges for related training instruction. In those classes, the apprentice could receive college credit and work towards a degree.

Who pays for my apprenticeship?

  • The program sponsor is required to pay for the cost of training. The apprentice may be required to furnish his or her own books and tools.

How do I receive credit for previous experience when I start my apprenticeship?

  • When applying for apprenticeship, an applicant should provide check stubs and any other evidence of on-the-job experience. The apprenticeship program will review the documentation and make any adjustments to the total credits.

Can I use my veteran's benefits as an apprentice?

  • If eligible, you may use your veteran's benefits while you are registered in an apprenticeship program. You must contact the Veteran's Administration for more information.