2008-2009 Prevailing Wage Rates


As Amendments/Addenda are made to the wage rates, they will be posted to the websites for the respective counties. See table below for a list of amendments. Please review regularly for any amendments posted or contact our office directly for further assistance.

Prevailing Wage Rates include the base rate as well as all applicable fringes.

NRS 338.010(21) "Wages" means:

(a) The basic hourly rate of pay; and

(b) The amount of pension, health and welfare, vacation and holiday pay, the cost of apprenticeship training or other similar programs or other bona fide fringe benefits which are a benefit to the workman.

NRS 338.035 Discharge of part of obligation of contractor or subcontractor engaged on public work to pay wages by making certain contributions in name of workman. The obligation of a contractor engaged on a public work or a subcontractor engaged on a public work to pay wages in accordance with the determination of the Labor Commissioner may be discharged in part by making contributions to a third person pursuant to a fund, plan or program in the name of the workman.